Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

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Green Star Solar Solutions offers a sustainable solution to electric transportation as an Authorized Representative for leading companies of EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). A trained integrator will perform the installations supervised by a Master Electrician.

Green Star Solar Solutions is partnered with leaders in the EVSE industry, Xeal and EV Tech. They provide systems for both residential and commercial systems.

Benefits of on EV Charger Box:

  • Protects your home against overload while the electric car charges at maximum speed.

  • Load balancing adjusts the charging speed to the remaining consumption in the house.

  • Parameters can be configured using the display and a smart app.

Residential Systems:

  • Up to six times faster than a standard level 1.

  • Simple plug n’ play, with no configuration required.

  • Watertight and built for use indoors in a garage or outdoors.

Commercial Systems:

  • Help your associates or tenants with low-cost EV charging stations.

  • Optimizes the use of available power from the utility.

  • Protects the local electrical systems from dangers of overloading.

  • Management console and detailed charging history.

  • Flexible implementation options to suit your ideal number of chargers.


Xeal offers multifamily and commercial real estate owners and operators the ability to seamlessly install smart EV charging in their communities with little to no infrastructure upgrades. Clients manage these smart EV charging stations remotely through Xeal’s dashboard, providing real-time data on charging sessions, energy management, utilization, and revenue share. Xeal’s driver app employs a token-based technology for EV drivers to gain reliable access to charging stations without relying on cellular or garage IT infrastructure. Through Apollo, a groundbreaking decentralized communication protocol, building owners can remotely control and monitor smart charging stations through a bi-directional management channel between user smartphones and EV chargers to establish a more secure, reliable, and cost-effective way to stay connected. Xeal delivers an entirely self-sufficient smart charging experience for drivers, enabling 100% uptime, 50x faster processing speed, and a frictionless user experience.

In 2022, Green Star Solar Solutions installed multiple Xeal charging stations for a new apartment complex in Leander, TX.


EV Tech offers the latest technology, installation, and service for EV Chargers for commercial, residential, fleet and infrastructure applications. For more than 20 years EV Tech has delivered quality EV Charging solutions and services to cities, business leaders and homeowners across the country. From complex installations across a city to an in-home residential charger, EV Tech works with existing electric systems, or designs tailored EV Charging systems to fit exact needs.


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