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Your Neighbors Are Saving With Solar. Why Aren’t You?

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Going Solar Is Easy!

When working with Green Star Solutions, we design and integrate a solar electric system for you using photovoltaics (converting light to electricity) or PV. With attention to sun’s availability and position, we provide electricity at your site.

We perform an in-depth consultation to best provide for your energy needs. During this consultation, we perform a site assessment, shading analysis, and examination of current power usage. Once complete, we design a PV system to fit your energy needs.

Our experts will consider each installation for performance and longevity. This is done by leveraging cells, panels, trackers, inverters, and workmanship.

Ultimately, we have the best products for you, whether your needs are residential or commercial. And as much as we want a green world, we want to keep green in your pockets.

Solar electric systems installed by Green Star Solutions will have the following:

  • System design includes location of the solar array, inverter, AC & DC disconnects, meter and electric panel boxes

Here at Green Star. We make sure that your project is well taken care of. We will provide:

  • Master Electrician to supervise electrical work

  • All permits and scheduling of final inspections

We want to make sure that you receive the best savings possible, while also having the best warranty to protect your investment. This includes:

  • Experienced rebate & tax credit assistance

  • Extensive warranties on panels, inverters, and workmanship

  • Weatherproof labeling applied for your convenience and to code specifications


Whether you’re just getting started with Solar and looking for more information or want to set up a hassle-free consultation, we’re here to help!

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