Your Neighbors Are Saving With Solar. Why Aren’t You?

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Smart Energy, Smart Home.

Being Energy Smart means creating your own clean energy, storing it to use when you need it most, and managing it so that your family uses that energy as efficiently as possible.

Solar Electric Systems Harness the Power of the Sun

When working with Green Star Solar Solutions we design and integrate a solar electric system for you using photovoltaics (converting light to electricity) or PV. With attention to sun’s availability and position, we provide electricity at your site. Our team performs an in-depth consultation to best provide for your energy needs. During this consultation, we perform a site assessment, shading analysis, and examination of current power usage. Once complete, we design a PV system to fit your energy needs.

Green Star Solar Solutions Going Solar

Our experts will consider each installation for performance and longevity. This is done by leveraging cells, panels, trackers, inverters, and workmanship.

Ultimately, we have the best products for you, whether your needs are residential or commercial. And as much as we want a green world, we want to keep green in your pockets.

EV Charging Stations Are Smart

Charging StationGreen Star Solar Solutions offers a sustainable solution to electric transportation as an Authorized Representative for Coloumb Technologies EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). Coloumb Technologies is a leading vendor with an extensive and successful portfolio. A trained integrator will perform the installations supervised by a Master Electrician.

Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) offer improved fuel economy and lower emissions. In addition, they have strong acceleration with quiet operation. Although, PEVs do require the infrastructure to support them.  Green Star Solar Solutions will provide an electric vehicle charger targeted to your needs whether you are company with a fleet of vehicles or are just plugging-in at home. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations supply power where needed. Whether it be street-side, garage or parking lot, or residential, we can find a solution for you. As well, we can provide the car’s onboard charger with the electricity it needs to refill the battery.

Keep In Mind – With the increasing volume of PEVs on the road in the near future, there is an incentive to installing charging stations. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of having their vehicle charging while shopping. And the cost of electricity can be offset with a Solar PV Array.

Achieve Energy Independence With Solar Storage

Solar Edge Monitoring

Integrating solar with battery storage is changing the way homeowners consume energy, and creates additional opportunities for solar installers to grow their business. By storing excess solar production on a battery, homeowners can take control of their energy consumption, maximizing their solar usage for greater electricity savings and energy independence.

Solar Attic Fans Save Money & Energy

Solar Attic FanThe purpose of a solar attic fan is to reduce temperatures inside the attic and other rooms resulting in a cooler, more comfortable home. Green Star Solar Solutions an authorized integrator and partner with Solar Royal, installs these efficient fans that operate at not cost. You will save on your A/C bill and energy use during the long, hot summers in Texas. And during the winter, a solar attic fan helps to prevent moist air from condensing on the under side of the roof, beams and rafters. This, in a sense, humidity control reduces the chance of mold forming and will hinder the deterioration of building materials in your home.

Think of these fans as not only beneficial to your energy and comfort needs but as a health benefit to you and your family. I know I want to keep my family healthy.

  • Converts passive ventilation to active
  • Extends the life of your roof and A/C
  • Reduces moisture preventing mold and mildew
  • Reduces HVAC costs and cooling cycles
  • Lifetime warranty available
  • Increases air exchanges (per hour)
  • Resistant to extreme weather
  • Windstorm certified and rated
  • No cost to operate and 26% Federal Tax Credit
  • Made in the USA products

Solar Hot Water Helps You Save

When you choose Green Star Solar Solutions your savings will be significant. In addition to saving money washing dishes, doing laundry, showers, filling and maintaining your swimming pool, and you will reduce the cost of performing a variety of every day tasks.

Solar Heat Pumps

Green Star Solar Solutions can help you lower energy costs for your home or business. As well as serving residential locations, we serve a variety of businesses. In fact, we will design and integrate sustainable solar hot water systems (SHW) that are code-compliant for use on residential and commercial buildings.

Key aspects include specifications for system components, sizing of systems, and DC/AC wiring. The design for SHW Systems incorporate a family of high-performance advanced technology products. Such products include solar thermal collectors, tanks, pumps, piping, and controllers.

As Green Star Solar Solutions integrates the best solar thermal product into each customer’s environment, we combine reliability, efficiency, and thermal (heat) output with a cost-effective solution. Once complete, you will save greatly.

Furthermore, multiple mounting and installation options are available for your energy needs. Occasionally, the project size can be significant. In such event, engineering and plan review services will be provided.

In the event of an extreme weather, we provide extensive warranties on our products and workmanship. With this in mind, we hope we give you peace of mind.

Not to mention, every solar thermal system installed by Green Star Solutions features these important and beneficial components and services:

  • Professional site visit, shading analysis, and system design by a NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Professional Installer
  • System design includes location of the solar collector arrays, tanks, pumps, controllers, and piping arrangement
  • Master Plumber and Master Electrician to supervise
  • All permits and scheduling of final inspections
  • Experienced rebate & tax credit assistance
  • Extensive warranties on collectors, pumps, controllers, piping, and workmanship
  • Weatherproof labeling applied for your convenience and to code specifications


Whether you’re just getting started with Solar and looking for more information or want to set up a hassle-free consultation, we’re here to help!

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